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4 Week Nutrition/Weight Loss/Wellness Workshop

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“Nutritional/Wellness/Weight Loss” Workshops with Shawn

 Join the Exciting 4 WEEK Transform30 Program

Change the Way You Eat and the Way You Feel!

Learn how to eat your way to vibrant health and how to use food for its healing benefits and weight management benefits.

Next 4 WEEK Session this SPRING 2017!

Start your Healthy Journey Today!
St. Andrews Valley Golf Course in Aurora
$149.00 plus HST
RSVP at shawnnisbet@hotmail.com to ask questions and request you Registrationn Form. 
This class will fill quickly!!
Receive a Workbook, Recipe Book, Food Journals...

Week # 1:      Facts and Fallacies
  • Are all calories created equal?
  • If you lose weight too fast will you gain it back fast?
  • Is the low-fat controversy true?
  • Does eating too much fat make you fat or is it something else?
  • Are supplements necessary if you eat a healthy diet?...
Week # 2:     Why Diets Don’t Work and What Does
You are the exact weight you need to be given the toxicity level of your body
  • Popular diets and why they do or do not work.
  • How to review a diet.
  • Metabolism myths and your set point.
  • How to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Can too much cardio cause weight gain?
  • What is meant by “safe” detoxification?
  • Learn about the toxins in your daily life and simple ways to decrease them.
  • How your sleep, exercise, stress levels, medications and lifestyle choices can affect your weight.
Week # 3:     The Power of Detoxing with Whole Foods
  • Are toxins causing us to be sick and obese?
  • Symptoms of toxic overload.
  • The organs that assist your body to detox daily and how to nourish them. 
  • 10 Tips to detoxify your diet.
  • 4 More lifestyle changes to assist your body to detox naturally daily.

Week # 4:      How your pH Levels Affect your Overall Health and Weight
The incidence of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a host of other diseases have been steadily rising for all age groups. Factors of stress, lack of physical activity, environmental pollutants and a diet high in acid-producing foods collectively create the underlying cause of most degenerative diseases: acidosis.
  • How your pH level affects your overall health in more ways than you think.
  • How your pH level can affect your weight and ability to lose weight.
  • How your pH level affects your ability to recover from exercise, sleep and detox.
  • How your pH can affect your medications and supplements.
  • How you can test your pH.
  • And the many ways you can balance your pH for optimal health with your lifestyle and diet!

There is always so much to learn and so much to share but it is wonderful to share this journey with others who want to learn also!!
Plus Learn More About the EXCITING SHRED10 Program with Shawn

I am so excited for you to join me for 4 inspiring weeks to begin your personal Shred program. Start making nutrition changes today and increase your energy, sleep better, balance your moods, shed fed, and learn how healthy changes can help to control your blood sugar, balance your hormones, aid your digestion, manage cravings,  control blood pressure…   

Start feeling wonderful on this life changing journey.  I have enjoyed following the Shred10 healthy hints for the past 8 years and I am so excited for you to change the way you eat and the way your feel.  Take your health, and your family's health and life to the next level. Everyone is welcome!

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy!!

RSVP today and summit your Registration form and payment to secure your spot(s).

Invite friends and family to join you.

I have been eating this way for 8 years and sharing this program for 3 years and I am always so excited and motivated by the wonderful health changes that my friends, family and clients of all ages continue to have!!  It is so inspiring!!


See how amazing you can really feel while having fun and support!!
Everyone is welcome for these fun, informal, informative workshops!!

RSVP today to hold your spot and invite friends!
  • Do you ever feel like you are too busy to eat healthy?
  • Have you tried everything and just can't lose weight.
  • Learn why diets don't work and what does.
  • Do you ever feel like  your time is spent rushing around with no tome to prepare healthy foods?
  • Do you find yourself purchasing quick, easy and convenient food choices that are not always the healthiest choices?

You are not alone!

There are so many "food-like substances" in the grocery stores today that sometimes it can be very confusing!  You must nourish your body first before it will let go of extra fat.  Interesting!!

Our decisions play an important role in our energy, sleep and overall well being!



Learn how making simple changes can fit everyone's

lifestyle and schedule!

Learn how to feel great now and forever - One Step At A Time!


Learn how to nourish your body, stabilize your blood sugar and lose weight in the healthiest way.


I look forward to sharing the science behind this program and why it is so effective in cleansing the body and achieving your long term health goals!  Join me to sample smoothies and chat nutrition in a relaxed and fun environment.  RSVP today to avoid disappointment:-)


For more details just contact Shawn at shawnnisbet@hotmail.com




Talk nutrition, learn about this program and have your

nutrition questions answered. I have been eating like this for years and it feels wonderful.


The Exciting New 


The 30 Day Transformation is one of the most exciting programs that I have been able to offer in 34 years of sharing my passion for nutrition and improved health. 

 Learn how to feel great now and forever!

Learn how to nourish your body, stabilize your blood sugar and lose weight in the healthiest way.

I look forward to sharing the science behind this program and why it is so effective in cleansing the body and achieving your long term health goals!


After sharing this program since September 2013 so many have experienced wonderful changes in their health, energy, strength, appearance, sleep, weight... it is very exciting time for me as a nutritionist!


RSVP with Shawn at: info@shawnnisbet.com or call 416.804.0938


 Bring your friends to begin your challenges together.  Join any Transform30 Workshop with Shawn to ask questions, continue to learn and stay motivated to continue to make healthy choices and learn how the body can naturally detox with your daily food choices!!


What a wonderful time of the year to make a fresh start to a healthier you.  With this program you will nourish yourself at a cellular level with the minerals you need to decrease your cravings while making healthy meals and healthy smoothies which will further assist in stabilizing your blood sugar levels.  The result will be more energy and the willpower to continue to make the healthiest lifestyle decisions possible.


Shred10 Program


See how wonderful you feel after the first 10 days and be motivated
to continue forever or just fit a 10 day shred into your busy lifestyle anytime!!

Learn how the right habits can create long-term health and a slimmer you!  Receive complete support during your personal transformation and after.  You will be a member of our vibrant, private Face book group, with people of all ages and walks of life who are making healthy changes.  Design your own challenge to fit your personal needs, wants and schedule - no matter how hectic life gets!  Receive information and healthy recipes to keep your motivated to eat healthy!

  • Feel better about your body
  • Increase your energy
  • Make you the priority for the next 30 days
  • Sleep better
  • Slim Down
  • Reduce sugar and salt cravings
  • Increase athletic performance 

Learn What Changes will be the most beneficial?

This challenge is designed to initiate a healthier you!   Improved wellness is a balance between your lifestyle choices and your daily food choices.  When your add nourishment to your body while eliminating toxic ingredients like artificial food colouring, high fructose corn syrup and processed foods or fast foods your body responds in positive ways. 

By fueling yourself with the essential nutrients like phytonutrients and antioxidants found in the Juice Plus+® Premium blend along with the Juice Plus Complete® power shake, coupled with physical activity you will start to experience exciting changes in your body and overall wellness. You will start to feel more energized, your salt and sugar cravings will decrease, and you will start making healthy choices.

By participating in the 30 Day Complete Challenge, you will be introduced to new foods and this will set you on the path towards a healthier lifestyle. Many of the foods and action steps required for the challenge will become habits and part of your lifetime plan for optimal health.  Be patient and kind to yourself and enjoy the journey.


Success Tips

·      Drink enough pure water a day such that your urine remains light in colour   (usually about 2 to 3 liters depending on your size, age, food choices and activity level). 

·         Do 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise at least four days a week. 

·         Complete deep breathing exercises three times per day for 3 minutes.

·         Plan ahead to get 7 -8 full hours of sleep each night. Gradually increase.

·         Do not eat after 7 - 8 pm each night.

·         If you are an athlete or in training feel free to increase portion size to accommodate high energy expenditure.

Upon Awakening:  Start each day with a 8 oz glass of room temperature water.  Add a squeeze of fresh lemon if you like as lemon juice stimulates the body to become more alkaline. Take 2 orchard, 2 garden and 2 vineyard Juice Plus+® capsules.  There is so much controversy over the bio availability and safety of multivitamins and isolated vitamins that I chose to switch myself and my family to taking Juice Plus nearly 8 years ago because of it's research.  It just made sense to add more fruits, vegetables and berries to our diet along with their thousands of nutrients!


Changes you may want to Change

Learn Which Ones are Most Important for You!!

·         Decrease the Following - perhaps one at a time!


·         Caffeine – some  need to decrease slowly

·         Refined sugar and refined grains

·         Gluten

·         Artificial preservatives, artificial food colouring and artificial sweeteners

·         Hydrogenated fats

·         High Fructose Corn Syrup

·         Dairy – no cheese and no milk  

·         Ingredients you cannot pronounce

·         Stay away from processed and fast foods.

·         When you nourish your body your cravings decrease


Healthy Hint 

To achieve your best results decide how many healthy meals you would like to accompany your power shake and/or if you will use one of your shakes as a healthy snack instead of with your meal.  If you exercise  you may want to increase your meals and calories.

To achieve your best results join with a friend or family member to help keep each other inspired and take part in Shawn's Nutritional Workshops or 30 Day Challenge Talks.  Here's to a healthier you!! 

For more information about any of Shawn's exciting Nutritional Programs just email Shawn at info@shawnnisbet.com or call 416.804.0938

You can begin your journey towards improved health anytime!!

Any day of the month and any month of the year is the perfect time!

Shawn will also be offering Free Nutritional Workshops and Talks to share, motivate and inspire. 


Shawn M. Nisbet, RHN, CFA
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher
& Nordic Pole Walking Master Instructor

416.804.0938  info@shawnnisbet.com   


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